HOOPS Facilities

Stepping into one of HOOPS clubs you will find the newest facilities maintained at the highest standards for the ultimate enjoyment of sports by our members and students. Each of our clubs is uniquely designed to fit the needs of its neighborhood and community. Every Club is a comfortable, welcoming place, featuring state-of-the-art equipment and a safe, clean and pleasant environment. 

Facilities HOOPS Beirut HOOPS Hazmieh HOOPS Michel El Murr Stadium
Acrylic Basketball & Multipurpose Court  
EPDM Basketball Court (Fully rubberized court)  
Parquet Basketball Court  
Mini-Football Artificial Grass Court  
Outdoor Official Football Grass Court    
Fitness Studios*  
Gym *    
Tennis Court      
Snacks & Coffee Shop  
Kids Activity Area  
Showers & Changing Rooms

*Gym equipped with weights equipmet, spacious ares, and a broad selection of the latest cardio and weight technology.

* Fitness Sudios: Bright ,clean and spacious to let you enjoy the fun of working out with a group of people during fitness or martial arts class.

For more information on facilities and court rentals or birthdays and special events at Hoops please contact one of our branches.

 Sport Academies  Basketball   Football   Taekwondo   Badminton   Gymnastics   Ping pong 
 HOOPS Beirut
 HOOPS Michel El Murr Stadium           
 HOOPS Hazmieh   


 Activities Music   MMA   Aikido  Free Run Theater
 HOOPS Beirut      
 HOOPS Michel El Murr Stadium          
 HOOPS Hazmieh           



 Dance Academy  Hip Hop   Break Dance  Ballet Jazz  Creative Dance
 HOOPS Beirut
 HOOPS Michel El Murr Stadium      
 HOOPS Hazmieh 




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