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HOOPS Club priority is the academy and inspiring the enjoyment of the game. However, we saw it necessary to provide the young players with career path towards professional sports and add a sense of competition into the game. That is how the HOOPS professional teams were created starting with the basketball team composed of HOOPS Coaches which first competed in the Lebanese Basketball Federation in the 4th division, and later moved to the 3rd division by winning the championship.

In time Hoops gathered its friends, retired professional basketball players  like Ghazi Boustani, Walid Doumyati, Elie Nasser, Rabih Saliba, Jassem Kanso, Dani Hamouch, Hussein Khatib and others to join its team, to provide them with the possibility to continue enjoying the game and reliving the experience of professional basketball. And that team came victorious in the championship scoring HOOPS a spot in the second division.  And eventually the HOOPS team secured a rightful place in the first division.

When our first division won the 3rd place in the Lebanese Basketball Championship in 2009 - 2010 season, despite all odds we saw the pure joy and excitement resonate throughout HOOPS, with members of all teams, of all divisions pushing their limits excited to reach the same heights.

Today the HOOPS first division team, which consists of our coaches and our best academy graduates shines as an icon across the club proving that anyone has a chance to achieve greatness at what they are passionate about, and Hoops takes great pride in being able to provide this opportunity to all. Furthermore, the success of our first division team would not have been possible, over the years, without the help of our dedicated esteemed sponsors  who have provided the teams with the resources needed to train and compete and have supported them morally throughout their journey. 

The 2012 Team 

Team Coach: Omar Hassino

Assistant Coach: Emanuel

Team: Hassan Lakis, Albert, Farid abu jawde, Bassel, Omar D., Amir Eid, Wassim Abu Zuluf, Hussein Tawbe, Ali Fakhredine, Andre Smith, Ersud, Hussein Kanso, Wael Ibrahim, Gerard Hadidian, Sergio Daw.

Team 2012 - 2013

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