Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


HOOPS Club Vision

Having a HOOPS Club in every Neighborhood in Lebanon and the Middle East building up both professional athletes across a number of sports and local community’s passion for sports, physical fitness and other various activities, creating community hubs for social interaction, physical and professional development. Together with Professional HOOPS Sports Teams triumphant in the professional divisions they play in across all ages, sports and activities both in Local, Regional and International events. 



HOOPS Mission

he HOOPS  Club’s primary mission is to create opportunities for boys and girls to play team sports and physical activities where they can learn essential skills and life lessons in ways that are consistent with best practices in youth athletics.

The HOOPS Clubs teach the fundamentals of the game and promote good sportsmanship and respect for all participants; emphasizing:

  • Fun
  • Fundamental individual & team based skills
  • Sportsmanship
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Age & skill appropriate competition
  • Enjoyment of the Game
  • Sports as a means of building up healthy productive citizens throughout the country

The HOOPS Club also plays a vital role in the development of a sports curriculum, through its academies, to educate future sports professionals and provide opportunities to young talents in the country to enable them to pursue their professional passions in sports through building and training professional teams across all our academies and activities and competing locally, regionally and internationally. 



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