President's word

HOOPS started out of my aspiration to contribute to sports and physical fitness for youth in Lebanon. It was a simple idea of offering the best courts and facilities to Football and Basketball lovers so they can enjoy the game with their friends. Years after our first court opened, I am proud to see that we have been able to achieve much more than that, as HOOPS grew into a community of people driven by their passion for sports, an active lifestyle and being outspoken members of their society. 

At HOOPS we teach the children that winning is not an objective while at the same time teaching them about working hard, team work, motivation and competiveness. With this in mind we have sought to expand and grow the professional opportunities available to young athletes in Lebanon, by building our own professional teams, hiring top notch coaches across all academies, fostering international best practices and also building partnerships and opportunities for international exposure. We believe this is one of our core parts to play in the Lebanese community, as young talents need the opportunities to learn and also apply themselves and need to be mentored to achieve their full potential, keeping their passion for the sport aflame. We are expanding to building professional academies in all sports we accommodate for, and this is a role that HOOPS takes pride in as we consider this the only way to raise the professional level of sports in our country and make sports and physical fitness reach every house. 

We are proud to see our Clubs to not only grow to accommodate for new sports and performing arts activities, but turn into centers that nurture the young generation, giving them an opportunity to express themselves and  encouraging them to discover their passions, be active, enjoy sports, and simply have a good time. This is precisely why we are always adding more events to our calendar, and offering our facilities for various cultural and social events beyond sports. Furthermore, at HOOPS we emphasize on community bonding and the team spirit, where all players come together on the court to play as one, no matter their background.  By this we hope to bring all fabrics of the Lebanese community closer, making up for a better Lebanon. 

With HOOPS we also want to carry a message of hope and support, that is why we are enthusiastic about collaborations with NGOs and continue to build projects to support local communities, people with physical disabilities, and the underprivileged in any way we can.  

Our aim, as HOOPS grows, is to continue with this pattern we have formed, to build a stronger and bigger network of clubs that offer everyone the chance to engage in any activity they are interested in, from basketball and football to taekwondo, badminton, archery, ping pong, hip hop, roller blading and performing arts to many others. 


As we continue to evolve, beyond just being a sports club, our ambition is to grow our community and we hope to see you a part of the HOOPS family and an ambassador of the HOOPS spirit!


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