HOOPS 1st Division Girls Team


Following the successes and lessons learned through the journey of our professional men’s basketball team and their ascent to the first division, the HOOPS team pooled its knowledge and resources into replicating this success for the Girls Team. And in two years the ladies’ team moved from the 3rd division to the 1st division in the Lebanese Basketball Federation.

In the 2010 – 2011 Lebanese Championship the 3rd division team won the championship by winning all of its games, which was a striking success. And in the following year, now in the second division, the team achieved first place by losing only one game. And this year HOOPS is proudly preparing the team for the 1st division championship.

Best of Luck Girls


The 2012 Team 

Coach: Amer

Assistant Coach: Jad El Hajj

Team: Angi Barakat, Aya Halabi, Dodo, Hiba Salman, Jinan awad, Joyce, Karine Khater, Karine Naji, wadad, Mira Alamedine, Nada Alamedine Nour, Rana Bazazo, Safa Chehab, Tara, Wada,  Yasmina, Yasmine Kaisi, 

Team 3rd Division
Team 2nd Division



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