Dance Academy


Founded in 2008, the HOOPS Dance provides a high standard training for over 500 students each year. All our classes are led by two foremost dance instructors Elie Fleihan and Rana Saliba, who focus on cultivating the students self-esteem and body coordination with a rich program that let them appreciate the love of dance. Our students are always given the opportunity to perform what they have learned in various events regularly organized or coordinated by HOOPS across Lebanon. The Academy also organized regular dance camps for its students both in Lebanon and Abroad. 

The academy offers classes in the following dance disciplines:

  • Hip Hop
  • Creative  Dance
  • Ballet Jazz
  • Break-Dance
  • Oriental Dance

In our Hip Hop classes we teach the basics of this style like popping, locking, breaking cutting, isolation and to develop the students’ creativity.

While in Creative Dance, the students are encouraged to add their own style to each step they are also taught principal steps from classical and contemporary ballet. This style involves balance, attitude and precision in movements.

As for the Oriental Dancing, it requires sensuality and helps to develop the self- esteem and flexibility.


Age Groups

  • Hip Hop 
    Hoops Beirut Hoops Hazmieh
    - 4 - 6 years
    Under 10 years 7 - 10 years
    10 - 14 years 11 - 14 years
    15 years & above 15 years & above
  • Ballet Jazz
    4 - 9 years
  • Break-Dance
    8 years & above


Achievements & Performances

In 2012, our dance students were regular guests on the Bbeirut program on LBC Moreover, they were also part of choreography for Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2012 ,  Miss Lebanon 2012 and World Super TopModel 2012 broadcast by MTV. We were also very proud of our team to be selected by Grand Cinemas to perform for the opening of the new STEP UP sequel.  

In 2011 the students were part of various dance flash mobs around the country and additionally various performances were organized in HOOPS clubs to showcase our dance performers.

In 2010 the dance academy student’s students participated in MTV Live Shows and the Masaya Hamra Street Festival.


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