HOOPS Academies


In HOOPS we have a systematic approach to sports training in a Child Friendly Space that stimulates them mentally and physically. Our coaches emphasize on teaching them about team spirit, staying healthy, positive habits, competitiveness, self confidence and discipline while ensuring they enjoy the sport.

Children starting at the age of four (4) through eighteen (18) can enroll in any of our academies from BasketballFootballTaekwondoBadmintonArcheryGymnastics and Ping Pong. Our coaches ensure that your child can enjoy the game and learn how to play it in a group that is not only adequate to his age group, but also to his skill level. And we train all of our HOOPS members with the vision in mind that they can one day join a Professional HOOPS team and turn sports into their vocation.

We also offer our academy students opportunities to participate in international and local tournaments  , as well as staging local friendly games with other clubs and teams.



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