HOOPS Academies offer a systematic approach to sports training in a child-friendly environment. To nurture kids physically, mentally, and psychosocially, our coaches go beyond sports to highlight team spirit, staying healthy, positive habits, competitiveness, self-confidence, and discipline. It’s a combination of the fun of the game, the love of the sport, the benefits of life skills, and the creation of life-changing opportunities for young talents.

HOOPS Academies are numerous: basketball, football, taekwondo, badminton, gymnastics, and ping pong. Kids aged 4 to 18 can enroll and we ensure your child joins a group that is ideal for their age and skill level. At HOOPS Academies, we train your child in a stress-free and supportive way so that one day they can join a Professional HOOPS team and pursue a career in sports. The youths at our academies participate in international and local tournaments as well as local friendly games with other clubs and teams.

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