About Us

A full-fledged club, HOOPS is more than a name with a pioneering history and sustainable legacy. HOOPS is more than great facilities coupled with expert coaches. HOOPS is a community. A home for families. An accessible and affordable sports and culture retreat. A hub for sports for development. An active citizen engaged in CSR and outreach.

We initially kicked off with an unwavering belief in building sports culture in Lebanon, adding value to the sports domain, and enriching people’s lives through the power of sports. This belief still guides us and today we are a reference that offers a safe and professional club experience that unleashes talent, creates career opportunities for young athletes, and transforms sports into an energizing platform to score priceless life skills. 

A Lebanese NGO established in 2001, Hoops has partnered with UNICEF in addition to several local and international NGOs for the past 14 years to deliver life-changing programs and initiatives that target children and youths and their caregivers in underserved communities. We specialize in sports for development programs, psychosocial support, and awareness raising sessions for young refugees and the Lebanese community.

Non-sectarian and non-political, we are inclusive, promote diversity, and are all about the people.


HOOPS began with my aspiration to contribute to sports culture and the physical well-being of the youth in Lebanon. This simple idea of offering the best courts and facilities for football and basketball lovers has evolved into a commitment to providing a professional environment for talent development and a family-friendly community that hones life skills through sports. Over the years we have amassed many achievements and success stories through our passion.

We empower children, highlighting that it’s not about winning. It’s about discovering the value of working hard, team work, motivation, and competiveness. We provide exposure, paving the way for real opportunities for young athletes in Lebanon through our professional teams, top-notch coaches, international best practices, and partnerships across the globe.

We play a key role in the Lebanese community, taking pride in raising the professional level of sports in our country and bringing the wonderful benefits of sports and fitness to every home. To provide the community with more, we have expanded over the years, adding new sports, cultural activities, events, and facilities. To carry a message of hope and support, we collaborate with UNICEF and NGOs to reach out to individuals with physical disabilities, underprivileged youths, and underserved communities.  

We do all this to make you feel like an essential part of the HOOPS family and to share the positive impact of sports for development.



Our vision is to shape professional athletes, to awaken sports passion, to create a community hub for development, and to transform the perception that sports is just an activity. We want society to see sports as a healthy mode of life and an empowering means to build strong, energetic, and fit future generations. We strive to achieve this by having a branch of HOOPS Club in every neighborhood in Lebanon and the Middle East and through CSR initiatives.  



Our mission is to provide a professional, safe, and accessible home of sports that puts people first by offering recreational and competitive sports activities for all. We believe sports is transformative and has the power to create a healthy, open, and cohesive society. In conjunction with this, we create opportunities for boys and girls to learn essential skills and life lessons by playing team sports and engaging in physical activities. HOOPS Club also plays a vital role in honing future sports professionals and young talents through our sports curriculum, teams, academies, and involvement in local, regional, and international competitions.

Jassem Kanso
Saad Balhawan
Football Technichal Coordinator
Jean Claude Rabbat
High performance trainer
Academies Manager
Academies Manager
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Sport Program Specialist